Reviews: Civil War II, Deadpool & The Mercs For Money & Karnak

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Published on: May 21, 2016

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Civil War II kicks off here, and this is a suitable #0 as there is a lot of build up here, but not too much action. We get She-Hulk losing a court case and here reaction to the death of her client in jail. There is some interesting conversations with her and Maria Hill as well, as it links to Maria’s mindset out of Standoff. Meanwhile, with Alpha Flight, Doc Sampson chats with Captain Marvel (I thought he was dead!) and the conversation about potential threats comes up….meanwhile a new Inhuman is born!

Deadpool and the team go all Mad Max, with the Mercs being attacked while delivering their cargo – the action is quite heavy and there is less humour in this issue than in others (although there is still some) we also finally get a hint to the end game of the story. It’s a quite fast moving issue, and I’m sure we get more about what is happening in the issue. The combination of the Mercs works really well, but I do feel some are getting lost in the shuffle!

There seem to be some kinks in Karnak in this issue – he’s having trouble finding the flaws in the people attacking him, but he still continues to be bad-ass! There is a lot of action in this issue and not too much talking. What talking there is makes sense to me and adds further problems for Karnak. I did expect something like this so, how it is dealt with will be very interesting!

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