Reviews: Hellchild & Inferno: Resurrection

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Published on: May 19, 2016

Reviews from Zenescope – Hellchild #3 & Inferno: Resurrection #3


To say that the resurrection of Hades daughter has not gone well as she is now a Vampire. She meets up with the junkie vampire and we get a little of their backstory. We’re at the midpoint of the series and everything all seems to be clicking into place for the story. Hades is not a happy bunny, and you can totally see why as things are going wrong with Van Helsing, Marion and Hades. Things look to be going wrong even more for them in the future as Angelica makes some deals….

Mercy’s mini series continue as she begins to find out new things. There’s a lot of information in this issue as Mercy and Virgil find things out in there own way. In the meantime there is a lot of talks about deals, battles against Lucifer and the way of hell. Virgil gets into trouble but makes a choice, which is slightly spoiled as a cliffhanger for next issue. We’ve got 2 more issues of this series to go, so I expect things to really pick up!

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