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Published on: May 8, 2016

Two excellent digital comics from Boom! Studios this week!


Klaus hits the mid-point as this look dark for our new ‘santa’ the presents are being delivered but the Baron is onto him and looks to have a plan. The madness of Magnus is intriguing as we are not sure, along with some of the other characters, how deep and how true it is. The art is excellent, clean lines with some excellent expressions – Magnus looks truly mad and is perfect. Things don’t look to good for Klaus as the issue ends, but he may still be ok!

This new series from Boom! is gritty, dark and magical with a crime gang with special powers. Each power is different and this issue gives us a good introduction to them and the status quo. Sid is an interesting character – having just gained the powers after the death of the sister of the crime boss. There seems to be something about him, but the tour he got is a good way to progress the story and give us an introduction the same way! The art is dark and excellent with some really good colouring with the reds and shades

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