Reviews: Nova, Moon Knight, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Poe Dameron, Thunderbolts & The Punisher

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Published on: May 6, 2016

Reviews of this weeks Marvel Comics


This issue looks to draw a temporary line under the ‘clone’ father storyline as we build up to Civil War II. Perhaps not though. Nevertheless this was a fast moving story with Sam in space – where I think the most of Nova’s stories should be. He’s looking for his father (again) but the clone who’s helping him gets into some problems! Nova may have a couple of leads, but it’s going to be another mission again. Hopefully this gets nicely wrapped up soon, as we seem to be retreading old ground. The interactions between Sam and his family are very well done though and keep this story – and Sam – grounded.

This issue seemed a little less rigid than the previous issue, maybe that has something to do with what I thought was a one-dimensional character in Captain Terrex. Terrex actually makes this a really enjoyable read – especially his back and forth with Captain Phasma. Poe and his team are working hard to try and get the upper hand, but it seems as if things are not going all his way. The egg seems to be important, and maybe this will be the tipping point in this adventure!

Issue two of Moon Knight builds on #1’s interesting start as we get a deeper look into the mind of Moon Knight. The old cast are all here, and we also get a deeper understanding of the ‘gods’ as we know them. In doing this in one issue, we get the supporting cast, Moon Knight back and also a hint towards the big bad of the series. The changing art styles are really well done, as Marc still doesn’t seem to entirely trust his mind! I’m keeping on this as I’m really into this!

Punisher returns in this gritty explosion with Frank busting a drugs gang who seem to have some special drugs which make people super! There’s a lot of violence here and some really grim humour here. The build up to Punisher’s attack was excellent, as was the fight scene. It was interesting to have someone from Franks past here too as that added an extra look to the story. The build up of the big bad of the series seems to be slow, but we’ve got a new villain for him to fight with an interesting hobby. Steve Dillon does some excellent facial expressions!

We get another one-shot story with Rocket Raccoon and Groot. It’s a fast moving story with lots of visual humour as Rocket and Groot are taken to a distant planet where they are to be punished for Rocket steeling a sacred artifact (he didn’t, he won it in a card game) Groot being mistaken for a god was interesting, as was Rockets escape and rescue. A good fun read!

A new Thunderbolts story leading directly from Assault On Pleasant Hill. Led by the Winter Soldier we get a group of villains and a sentient cosmic cube. It’s an interesting start to the story where Bucky not only has to deal with the threats and the reest of the team, but also a super powered cosmic cube in the body of a little girl. I don’t know if its me, but reading the last page reminded me of I hate Fairyland!

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