Reviews: The Fix, Grizzly Shark & Think Tank: Creative Destruction

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Published on: May 15, 2016

My thoughts on three number 2’s from Image Comics

The plan to deal with the smuggling issue is dealt with here, but it takes a bit of a back burner as Roy has something else on his mind! He wants a cushy(?) security job, but the job has already gone to the nicest guy on the force. Roy seems to have a plan, but as it all stretches out it doesn’t go the way that we all expect. Roy’s plan makes total sense by the end, but the build up isn’t what you would think – it’s a well crafted part of the story, with a dark ending. Meanwhile Roy’s plan to get Mac injured (heroically) isn’t as well crafted as you can see from the bosses reaction and the crooked IA offices more measured reaction. This continues the humor really well, while slowly building on the story over the whole arc!

The Grizzly Shark is back, and there’s more of them, they’re being hunted and they are turning the tables. From last issue we get some returning characters in this violent, yet funny read. We even get a mention of the sea bear too! This continues the theme of the initial issue, then ramps it up, with more grim humour, more blood (which attracts them) and a nice cliffhanger for the next issue.

The heaviest read of this weeks three titles, but one you get really invested in. David’s science is unparalleled, but his social skills still seem to leave something out. The science here continues to be fun and understandable, but I highly recommend reading the appendix to these stories as they really add to it. The stakes and plans are all getting in place as the team get what they are after with Davids skills, but there are other after him too!

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