Archie Digital Comics: Sonic The Hedgehog & A Sale!

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Published on: June 9, 2016


Here are the latest digital comics from Archie Comics – and details of their latest sale!

New Comics Out Today: June 8th, 2016

Archie Comics Double Digest #269 Cover by Fernando Ruiz
Sonic the Hedgehog #283 Cover by Tyson Hesse
  • “Happiness is a Clean Pup” is the new lead story kicking off ARCHIE COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #269! When Archie and Jughead decide to open a dog-washing business, will they make it out clean or end up all washed out?
  • No more running! It’s time for Sonic the Hedgehog to battle it out with the deadly Dark Gaia Phoenix as the quest to collect the Gaia Keys nears completion. Will turning into a Werehog be enough to win the battle? Find out in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #282!
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