Fund Me Friday: Arro, How To Go Steady & Last Breath

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Published on: June 17, 2016


Here are some of the latest comics projects on Kickstarter with digital comic reward tiers!


ARRO Comic, Volume 1

by Ali B

ARRO takes place three years after most of North America was wiped out by a gene-altering disease in the drinking water. The story follows a team hired by the American Research and Recovery Organization to travel across the southeastern United States and scout what’s left of the former new world.

Digital Reward?
For $5 you get a digital PDF of both new mini-chapters.

Sequential Crush Presents How to Go Steady

by Jacque Nodell

How to Go Steady will teach you all about dating according to romance comic books of the 1960s and 1970s. Not only will you learn everything from what to do with a borrowed hankie to how to make the first move, you’ll learn how to develop the most attractive quality of all.

Digital Reward?
$20 gets you a desktop wallpaper, a thank you in the book & a copy of the digital version of the book

Last Breath (A 28 page art zine)

by Jens K Styve

A 28 page comic zine collecting drawings done in only 15 minutes (each). Based on Jay Myer’s 15 Minute Art Challenge.

Digital Reward?
For Kr30 and get your name printed in the zine (on the thanks-list) and a digital version (pdf) sent to you by email.

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