Fund Me Friday: Sakana, Arcane Sally & Mr. Steam & Untold Tales of Bigfoot

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Published on: June 3, 2016


Some Kickstarter projects with digital comic reward tiers!

SAKANA Volume 1 Kickstarter

by Mad Rupert

Sakana is a slice of life, romantic comedy (a Sli-Li-Rom-Com, if you will) that takes place in a giant fish market in Tokyo, Japan. Our intrepid heroes must wrangle unruly seafood, navigate a hazardous dating scene, and try to get the fish smell out of their clothes in order to find love, inner peace, and a paycheck.

Digital Reward?
For $10 you get the Digital e-book version of SAKANA: Volume 1 and a Desktop wallpaper

Arcane Sally & Mr. Steam #1

by Dragabok

ARCANE SALLY & MR. STEAM is an original supernatural steampunk mystery in the form of a ten issue comic book miniseries.

In Victorian England, Lord Percival Cawthorne, a rogue agent of the British Crown, and his faithful manservant Runnymede, must stop an elusive mastermind from unleashing Lewis Carroll’s most dangerous mathematical theories and altering the very nature of reality.

Teamed up with a mysterious and obstinate agent named Miss Sally, they set out on the trail of a murderer who has already been tried and executed. In short order, our intrepid gentlemen find themselves up to their cufflinks in saber duels, doomed locomotives, dire mathematical equations, homicidal reanimates, dueling airships, and—most terrifying of all—strong-willed women!

By the story’s end, one of these daring agents will meet with Death; the other will face something far worse: True Love.

Digital Reward?
$5 gets you ISSUE #1 as a full color digital PDF + Arcane Sally wallpaper

Untold Tales of Bigfoot Graphic Novel

by Vince Dorse

Untold Tales of Bigfoot Graphic Novel, an award-winning, all-ages comic about a lonesome Bigfoot and a lost dog named Scout.

Digital Reward?
The digital reward for $10 gets you PDF of Untold Tales of Bigfoot:Crossing Paths, Desktop Wallpaper, Phone Wallpaper & Access to backers-only updates.

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