Fund Me Friday: Special Intergalactic Detective, Kismet & The Storyteller

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Published on: June 24, 2016


Here are some of the latest Kickstarter projects with digital comic reward tiers!

SID: Special Intergalactic Detective – Volume 1

by Michael Sarrao

S.I.D. is a zany scifi comedy that focuses on the title hero as he battles an evil presidential candidate from obtaining technologies that humanity isn’t ready for.

This graphic novel is complete and backers will get an exclusive Kickstarter Edition which won’t be sold anywhere else!

Digital Reward?
Pledge $10 and get a pdf/.cbz of the SID Volume 1 Kickstarter Edition. Includes your name on the SID Kickstarter Backer’s page in the book.

Kismet: Hunter’s Moon graphic novel

by Layla Lawlor

Kismet: Hunter’s Moon is a complete 340-page webcomic (the 360-page book includes backup stories and other extras) that was serialized online from 2002-2006. It originally appeared on Girlamatic, part of the Modern Tales family of sites. I’m currently serializing the sequel, Kismet: Sun-Cutter, here: New pages are posted on Mondays. You can also read all of Hunter’s Moon online for free here:

Digital Reward?
$5 gets you a full-color download of Hunter’s Moon and all associated extras from the book in DRM-free PDF and HTML format.

The Storyteller

by Phillip Kyle Van Sant

13-year-old Ian Ink is leaving the farm, venturing out into a magical and dangerous world that he may be more connected to than he realizes.

Digital Reward?
$25 gets you a digital download of pages 1-12 of The Storyteller

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