Review: 2000 AD Prog 1983

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Published on: June 3, 2016

My thoughts on this weeks 2000 AD – Prog 1983


  • The hunt for Joyce continues in Judge Dredd in The Lion’s Den – there seems to be some orginisation which are after him. Joyce seems to have a plan and than plan made me smile as I got to the last panel – now things are going to get really interesting! There are also some continuing hints towards the problems between Mega City One and Texas City.
  • Slaine is just one big battle – him and Gort against the undead! In all of this we get some excellent bonding between the two as it looks like we’re going to have a massive road trip as they go on a rescue!
  • Brink’s investigation seems pretty standard as they disregard normal protocol to get the information they require, but that final page seems to change all of that – with something big watching us all! It’s quite eerie and hypnotizing in its art and style!
  • Sins Of The Father is the return of Black Shuck and kicks us off with a bit of ‘history’ as well as a nice fight scene – between mythical beasts. We then get a hint towards the title of this arc as Shuck is due to be a father – but things are not going as they should!
  • Grey Area takes a bit of a break for a wedding – yes, seriously! And although it’s written straight, there is a nice bit of humour here as the alien races work with the humans for the ceremony – meanwhile it seems there may be a plan brewing to deal with the god-star!

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