Review: Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything #2

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Published on: June 12, 2016

Ok, there is a lot of timey-whimey stuff going on here, and it’s a lot to take in. Bebop have traveled in time, we know that much, but by my reckoning they have done it three times so far – crossing over once.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
It seems the TMNT universe is using the “changes in the past = offshoot future” way of dealing with things – which means that we also have to deal with alternate dimensions!!!
I for one am glad this coming out weekly, as then you don’t forget or have to re-read!
The story is fast paced and doesn’t give you time to settle. The art is simple/yet detailed in all the right places and I especially like the travel through time!
Now to see what Bebop & Rocksteady do next week!

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