Reviews: Back To The Future & Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything

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Published on: June 23, 2016

Thoughts on two of this weeks digital comics from IDW Publishing


In Back to The Future this issue, we go back to the future with Doc & Marty going further than Marty had been before! Doc had been there, but he had lost his memory, so he’s not much help – meanwhile they’ve got other problems as the police are on their tail! It’s quite a fast moving issue, with hoverboard chases and more as Doc & Marty try to get to Docs other lab. The ‘retro’ speak is good fun as there are some nice pop culture references too!

This issue is all Bebop & Rocksteady – some as mutants, some as humans and some as one. What it does give us as they travel through and around time is a closer look at the two characters. We get that they are thick hired muscle, but this issue goes further into their history and relationships than before – and this is a good thing for them. The first three quarters of the story is quite easy to follow, but as the time tunnels get more twisted the harder it gets! It looks like the TMNT will have to sort it!

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