Reviews – Back To the Future: Citizen Brown, Bebop & Rocksteady & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Published on: June 18, 2016

Thoughts on some of this weeks digital comics from IDW Publishing

The first of our time travel stories this week and it, for a while, looks like everything is all cleared up. But no – we get more messing with the timeline and different futures as things happen in the past! We start of with dealing with the cliffhanger from last issue – Marty is fading away – and when this is dealt with there is another alternate future to sort….Following that, things look all good, but now it’s Doc Brown’s future!

Kitsune has attacked Splinter after the Turtles adventures with Leatherhead. Most of this issue is flashback, which deals with the time that the Turtles are away – but these plans have been in place since before the death of Shredder. It low on action – until the end – but there are some nice bits where we get a lot of Splinter. Splinter has been used in bits and pieces, but we get a real good look at his mindset here. I wonder if he has planned for this. Then we get the shocking ending….

OK, I think Michaelangelo’s reaction at the beginning of this issue covers it, but luckily we have Donatello to explain to us and the Turtles. There is still more time shenangans with many Bebop & Rocksteadies as well as April, Splinter (briefly) as well as some more Turtles (non-mutated) This is a mess, but a fun mess – just as you get on track, you’re confused again – I think I’ve got it!

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