Reviews – Constantine: The Hellblazer & The Flash: Rebirth

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Published on: June 10, 2016

My thoughts on two of DC’s digital comics out this week!


We finish this run of Constantine run as we lurch into rebirth and we get a finale in true Hellblazer fashion! This was an interesting issue as there was the brief cameo of the other members of the ‘magic circle’ of DC – Deadman, Zatanna & Swamp Thhing and then it’s all on John. I quite enjoyed it – there wasn’t as much magic as you would think, and it had more of the John Constantine: Con Man feel about him. Yes he did some magic, but it was more about John out thinking his opponent! The issue finished with a bitter-sweet moment, with the big bad defeated, but a more personal cost to John as he loses someone close to him. Roll on the next volume!

The preview is right – read DC Universe: Rebirth before reading this. Once you have I think you will find this an enjoyable read. I haven’t read The Flash for a while, but after DC Universe: Rebirth, I found i could jump right in! you get the quick origin recap, as well as showing the status quo for both Barry (as himself and The Flash) as well as Wally. What we seem to be getting are two different mysteries – one being the bigger DC Universe one, the other being the death Barry is investigating which seems to have parallels to his mothers death. I enjoyed this more than Batman, and I like the tone and the route forward.

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