Reviews: Moon Knight, Civil War II, The Punisher

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Published on: June 4, 2016

Thoughts on some of this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics


After the #0 we get a real idea of the stakes involved in this new Civil War. For once, I think I am Team Tony, but I can see the points of the other side! That is what makes the battle real in my opinion! There is a lot going on here, involving a large cast of characters in one issue! I’m only going to be reading the main series, unless they spin off into any of the other Marvel series I happen to be reading anyway (e.g. Nova) There’s a couple of deaths here too, which are really well done, things really escalate here!

I’m still not sure what is real and what isn’t here, but it is so well told! Moon Knight continues his escape with his team/past? There is some nice action pieces and Moon Knight himself still isn’t sure what to believe! We’re coming to the final point of this arc and I’m hoping we get some answers, but I look forward to this series when I see it coming! The art is excellent, especially with the changes in style depending on who or what we are looking at!

Part two of this initial arc builds on the strong previous issue and adds more to the stakes as Frank works to discover the source behind this new drug. Dillon’s art is getting better and better and there are some perfect scenes for him! The planning Frank does is well done, and his reactions are perfect – I don’t know how he will react to the cliffhanger though!

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