Reviews: Rocket Raccoon & Groot, Deadpool Vs Gambit, Doctor Strange & Drax

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Published on: June 25, 2016

Thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics


This is an interesting read – Deadpool and Gambit don’t seem like a good mix – even for a mini series. We shall see. The beginning is a little confusing, but as you get into it you understand why it seems jarring – it’s supposed to be! This issue was all about the set up, so hopefully next issue is going to be better – I’ll give it a chance!

The penultimate part to the Death Of Magic – Wong has a plan, Strange has a plan, the Empirikul also have a plan – they can’t all work! Wong is swiftly dealt with, and i think Strange’s reaction is justified. The mystery of what is in the cellar is partially solved and I don’t think it looks good for anyone! The conclusion is next issue, and I have really enjoyed this so far!

Drax and the team seem to have worked everything out – the last of the children taken home and the bounty should no longer be a problem.
A great use of Checkov’s gun here, with Drax finding out that things are not what they seem at the end of the issue. The cast has been filled up, but no one gets left out in this excellent issue!

Another one-shot Rocket & Groot story, this time with the duo trying to one-up each other in a variety of games. This culminates in a race, where they quickly get diverted into a Legolas & Gimli style competition! It’s good fun and a fast read!

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