Reviews: The Fix, Grizzly Shark, Injection, Think Tank & The Wicked + The Divine

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Published on: June 11, 2016

Some thoughts on some of this weeks digital comics from Image Comics

you would think that being security for a superstar would be pretty standard fare? Nope, this issue is all about Ray as he learns the problems and issues for a security guard for a former child star. He starts out thinking it is a cushy job, but soon learns that it’s not all fun. Sure he gets to be around the rich and famous…but then things go of the rails – with drink, suicide attempts, public rows and that’s not even the worst of it! Things go downhill at a fast pace in this issue, but then they go even further downhill in the last few pages and it adds a new dimension to the story!

The final issue of this excellent mini-series also adds in Sea Bear with some excellent scenes. The cartoon physics of the story takes some thinking, but it all makes a kind of sense! The body count gets racked up in more and more inventive ways too!
Random thoughts:

– Seeing the shark drive a boat was excellent
– “Fly you fools”
– Sea Bear!!!!!


Injection completes the arc and we get everything all solved in a room – very Sherlock! – there isn’t much action going on in this issue, but it is very interesting. We learn more of the nature of the Injection, as well as an interesting new cliffhanger for the team. The art and colouring continue to be excellent, with some really nice layouts!


Flashbacks, we find out what’s been happening behind the scenes, things are piecing together as we move forward to the final battle. I have no idea how this is all going to end up, but it’s an amazing ride. We get some really nice scenes here, as we discover the truth to the resurrection(!) and what is going to happen next. The art, story and colouring all make an excellent read!
A bit of a “Watchmen” moment at the end too!

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