Fund Me Friday: Bones Of The Coast, The Chess Masters & Firebug

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Published on: July 22, 2016


Some of the latest Kickstarter projects with digital comics reward tiers

Bones of the Coast – A Comic Anthology of West Coast Horror

by Cloudscape Comics

Bones of the Coast is a full-colour, 220+ page comic anthology, chock-full of horror from the Pacific Northwest. Simultaneously haunting and hauntingly beautiful, BOTC is guaranteed to tickle your fancy.

The anthology features 35 different creators from British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, and abroad–and the stories within are sure to thrill and terrify.

Digital Reward?
For $15 CAD you’ll receive a digital PDF of the complete anthology, for enjoyment on all the spookiest digital devices.


The Chess-Masters #1 and #2

by Bradley golden

Forced back into time to the 21st century, by the evil and vile pawn-master, a team of heroes consisting of the king, queen, bishop, knight, rook, and eight of their allies…..The royal pawns…..Find themselves in a world totally alien to them! Shortly after our heroes…..The chess-masters…..Arrive, they find the royal pawns have returned to their native respected countries around the world. However, the pawn-master has remained in new york where he plans on taking over the world! Chess-masters’ mission is clear: stop and defeat the pawn-master, locate the eight royal pawns, and somehow find their way back to their own time of the 25th century!

Digital Reward?
pledge $10 and get a pdf of Chess-Masters ssue #1and #2. Pdf of one comic of thier choice from


by Rhys

“There are wild things in the woodlands. I hear them howl at night. Strange things stalk the forest. They creak and croak and fight…”

FIREBUG! is a spooky and poetic tall-tale brought to you by writer, illustrator, internationally unfamous entomologist and all-round comedy gloomster R.T.Williams. ​It is the story of a fool who stubbornly seeks the monster in the shadows, the wild thing in the woodlands, the candle that flickers in the night.

Join me on the journey! I’m raising funds now to produce and distribute the comic, delux hardcover and all other FIREBUG! items

Digital Reward?
£5 gets you a PDF of the comic plus unique FIREBUG! wallpaper image

Use my link below to get a $5 coupon on your first purchase on When you buy through my link, I earn a reward too! We both win! Check Out Digital Comics On Comixology Support 3 Million Years by buying through us at no extra cost to you!
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