Fund Me Friday: Cadavers, Star Bastard! & A Song Of Mice and Fire


Here are three of the latest Kickstarter projects with a digital comic reward tier!

Cadavers 1: Doppelgänger.

by Mad Robot Comics

Cadavers follows the denizens of an otherworldly paranormal dimension, fleeing war and death, they find themselves trapped on our Earth.

And they like to drink our beer.

Digital Reward?
£4 gets you a Digital copy of Cadavers 1: Doppelgänger. a ‘Thank you’ mention on the Cadavers section the Website.
An opportunity to own a digital copy of the coolest new super team in comics. Show the world that you were clever enough to get in on the ground floor and feel smug around your friends.

Star Bastard!

by Andrew Clemson

Star-Bastard is an all out action space romp featuring flawed characters readers love to hate. Our dysfunctional crew follow their invulnerable walking hormone of a captain, stumbling through encounters with galactic empires, monsters and talking fart clouds in a search for clues to Greeves forgotten past. Along the way people laugh, people cry, people swear and people bleed … A LOT.

There’s even a ships cat! Whats not to love?

Digital Reward?
£2 gets a digital version of StarBastard issue 1 emailed to you as a PDF.

A Song of Mice and Fire

by Daniel de Sosa

A Song of Mice and Fire is a fantasy comedy set in the mystical land of Nyania, a domain where three eyed cat lords rule over their rodent subjects. A fragile peace between the kingdoms of the realm has been broken. This graphic novel chronicles the War of the Kitties as they play a giant game of cat and mouse with each other and their subjects. Why are they fighting? What are they fighting for? And why do all these kitties have three eyes?

Digital Reward?
For $5 you will receive digital PDF copy of A Song of Mice and Fire.

You will also receive a digital PDF of Purrvana and the Great Catsby

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