Fund Me Friday: Revisionaries, The Leathea and the Shadow that Follows & Chaosphere

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Published on: July 8, 2016


Some of the latest Kickstarter projects with digital comic reward tiers

Revisionaries #1 [a comic book mini-series]

by Andrew Adams

Revisionaries is a new comic written by Andrew Adams (Schismatic) and illustrated by Nico Sucio (Grid Runner, Tobias & Koodie). It’s a raunchy/underground sci-fi comedy with a Heavy Metal vibe, about a spineless WW2 soldier who teams up with a group of time travelers who are hellbent on destroying Hitler once and for all. The only downside: they’re all idiots. And the only people in history who could ever make World War II worse.

Digital Reward?
Get in early with $3 for a digital version, if you miss out the digital version is $5

The Leathea and the Shadow that Follows

by Rena Kennedy

A young boy finds magic in a fairy tale as a race of plant-like creatures threatens to destroy the world.

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$3 gets you a PDF of the comic!


by Greg Lambert

The story is set in the future after Earth’s sea levels rose and swallowed islands and nations. A Wyrm was discovered in space and different corporations that had prospered from the rising sea levels offered to help people whose land was about to be lost. The catch was that they were given a time sentence that they needed to complete before being offered the chance to be repatriated back to one of the remaining countries. Those that were fortunate enough to be selected by the different corporations first had to fight in the Koudo wars that had started close to the Wyrm.

Digital Reward?

$8 NZD gets you a digital version of the comic!

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