Review: 2000 AD Prog 1988

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Published on: July 7, 2016

A new series starts this prog!


The fightback continues against the Judges of Texas City in Judge Dredd the Reclamation story has a lot going for it and Dredd being ‘underground’ reminds me a little of the Judge Cal storyline (by no means a bad thing) the attack on the Psi-Judges is interesting and I wonder where that will go….

Brink gets to a point where we meet the resistance – that is to the current way of things on the space station. Not only against the cults, but also against the status quo. There are points that do refer to conversations earlier in the series and things are starting to slot into place!

The final part of this Slaine book finishes badly for the Cith. It looks like its going to finish badly for Slaine and the humans to – but Slaine seems to have got out of the funk he was in and Zana has escaped, so its not all bad!
Slaine will return in 2017

Black Shuck flits from place to place in this prog as we keep up with all the interested parties. We find out what Shuck thinks of the curse/blessing he has, as well as some more history of the legend! The art continues to also be excellent!

There’s a new arc to Scarlet Traces – we get a round up on the first page of the prog, then we jump into the new arc. It’s a short introduction, but it feels like some classic 2000 AD!


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