Review: 2000 AD Summer Special 2016

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Published on: July 23, 2016

My thoughts on this 2000 AD Summer Special


Judge Dredd gives us a twist on the degrees of separation murder theme. It’s a good short Mega City story with the minimum of Dredd in it, although it all works!

It’s always great to see Ace Trucking back! What we get here is a nice bit of satire which looks at what we can expect from the Olympics and other similar events.

Sinster Dexter are back in a hit, with a summer twist. It reads really well, especially when you get the reason for the hits. Funny, smooth and sharp!

Another classic from Sam Slade with more robots! There is a FART joke that almost spit my coffee!

Finally Rogue Trooper in a what feels too short story. It’s a good look for newer readers, and maybe will lead into something bigger!

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