Review: Bubbles O’Seven In Dr. O

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Published on: July 22, 2016

My thoughts on a new comic from Bounce Comics

Dr O is the first antagonist in our series, born out of a botched experiment by MI7 in an effort to weaponise animals, the project known as Species Intelligence Weapon Integrated Technology (SpIWIT). Bubbles O’Seven was the closest the project came to being a success and he is now tasked with bringing home – or eliminating – the rogue subjects of said project.

But while Bubbles is in the employment of the very organisation that created him, we are left wondering in the end, where do his loyalties truly lie?

Writer: Grainne McEntee
Artist: Matt Rooke
Letterer: Michael Stock
Colour Assistant: Jon Scrivens

Layout assistant: Lee Killeen


I’ve been looking forward to this ever since it was announced at LSCC and I saw some of the preview art and storys. This was Kickstarted and I’m actually waiting for my print edition!

So the chance to read a digital version ahead of time was good news – thanks Bounce Comics!

This was a really good introduction to this fun and British character – giving us a little of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond in one ape form. The supporting cast are excellent too – with a brief look at potential future villains too! I really enjoyed the art and the intrigue of the story and wish it could be longer – perhaps a giant graphic novel? That would work and then the story could go on longer!

There are some classic tropes here, with Bubbles taking both his ape side and his new intelligence to some great levels! There are some brilliant twists here too!

An excellent read and I highly recommend!

You can get Bubbles O’Seven digitall or in print here

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