Reviews: Back To The Future & TMNT: Amazing Adventures

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Published on: July 16, 2016

My thoughts on two of this weeks comics from IDW Publishing

Doc’s memory has returned and we learn the who, what and how! We get a nice look at what happened to Doc in the far future, how he ended up how he did and how he lost his memory. In the meantime Officer Biff is on their trail! It’s an intriguing read which kept me interested as we moved on. Doc as a main character without Marty is very interesting, and it works here as a one-off. This arc concludes next issue!

Muck is building up into a giant mess – controlled by Baxter Stockman’s robots. The first part of this issue concludes the Muckman story, with an all action story of the Turtles trying to stop Muckman from going too far. It’s good fun, with a funny ending! The second short story is a nice one – it seems like the Turtles are just bragging and telling stories, but there is something more to – a nice one!

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