Reviews: Darth Vader, Deadpool & The Mercs For Money, Nova, Starwars & Thunderbolts

My thoughts on some of this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics


Just when I thought Darth Vader couldn’t be any more badass, this issue comes out. Vader’s attack on his new flagship continues as Cylo plots his escape and his next move. There is a nice throwback to Episode III at the end, with something many may not have thought about. There’s also the Joker in the pack – Alpha, who seems to have her own plans (although I’m not sure about her calling the Emperor “defenseless” is a good idea. Two issues left and I’m loving this run and don’t want it to end!

This was a decision I was unsure of. I enjoyed the mini series, but didn’t know if I should get this new ongoing. I’m still unsure – this was a good issue. It gave all the Mercs time to shine, showing their powers and personalities well and the art was strong. Hmmm – we shall see. This issue features the return(?) of an old character – Negasoinc Teenage Warhead – yes she was in the Deadpool movie, but she is also dead in the comics. I don’t know how this will all fit in, but I hope the pace of this series picks up a little.

A Civil War II tie-in, but don’t worry if you’re not reading the main series as its explained well here and doesn’t feature too much. Sam is doing some soul searching about his father, his role and his powers but an underground attack features a very unlikely ally – The Captain! If you don’t know who The Captain is, go read Nextwave…
….I’ll wait….
….All caught up?
This simple fact added another star to this issue and this interesting crisis Sam is having – I enjoy this series and hope it’s not ending soon!

Back to the Star Wars universe and this issue takes us back to the Stormtroopers – dispelling the myth of their incompetence this unit are well drilled and have a mission to root out rebel ‘terrorists’. This was a well thought out issue with surprises and a good narrative. The art for the different skilled stormtroopers was also well done, and I hope this is more than a one-shot or these characters are going to be brought in more and more!

I think I’m dropping Thunderbolts. The only character who really interests me is The winter Soldier and he has his role reduced here. Mach X could be an interesting character, but Moonstone has been done to death and is so predictable it’s boring. The others seem to be interchangeable so no loss there. As for Kubic, I’m just not a fan! I don’t enjoy the art either. It seems rushed and a little sloppy – there are some good panels – those with Medusa, but the others not so much ūüôĀ

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