Reviews: I Hate Fairyland, Think Tank & Velvet

Thoughts on three of this weeks digital comics from Image Comics


So, dragons.Although it’s clear from the start that this is not the dragons we expect, but maybe it will lead onto them – it’s so hard to tell where this series is going ūüôā This is a good thing though. Gert has a plan and a list to work to – she has a number of ways to try and get home and even if she doesn’t and she dies, there is something else to look forward to! Her fly-guide makes a good point over what will happen to her when she gets home – will she still be a 30 year old in a 6 year old body? Also Gerts attempt at turning over a new leaf didn’t last long!

This feels like a very personal issue of Think Tank, with David’s self destructive core melting down. I strongly encourage everyone to read the notes at the end of this issue – depression can be very real and this is a very good issue. I hope to see more Think Tank back soon.

Final issue? I hope not – but this was a very satisfying end to the massive arc that means I will be getting the two other trades of this excellent series. It’s all finished off nicely with explanations as well as fitting ending for Velvet herself. The art is incredible and suits the story so well!

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