Reviews: Millarworld Annual & The Wicked + The Devine

My thoughts on what I read this week from Image Comics

A nice selection of short stories from the worlds of Mark Millar – written by new and different people and some different art!
What we get is:

  • Chrononauts which features a nice time-travelling yarn that wouldn’t be out of place in an issue of 2000 AD. The art and colouring are excellent, with a nicely told short story which shows the problems of messing with your own timeline!
  • Next up is a short Kick-Ass story with Kick-Ass chasing down a young criminal. It’s well told with an interesting heart warming ending. The art is different to what you would expect, but it still works!
  • American Jesus links in between some of the issues of the main story – looking at what happened when a dog is being revived. The nature of death being held of is very interesting, and is dealt with really well here! Even more interesting when you read the final page (and know the twist to the main story!)
  • Set after the main story – Kingsmen gives a look behind the scenes of one of Eggsy’s recent jobs – I’m not a fan of the art, but the story telling made this an enjoyable read!
  • Starlight gives us a nice round up of a series of adventures – with a soft ending (that I expected from the beginning) The art is really nice and smooth – a painted effect that goes nicely with the story!
  • Hit-Girl gives us a violent ABC with some nice action scenes and fun art. I wasn’t sure where it was going but it’s a sweet read!


We’re getting close to the end in The Wicked + The Divine. And this issue has a fair amount of action, the plans are coming together (or undone) and there is even more to look forward to next issue! The art is excellent (as usual) and has some excellent scenes to go with the story!

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