Reviews: Robyn Hood – I Love NY & Grimm Fairy Tales

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Published on: July 7, 2016

Thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Zenescope


It’s nice to see Robyn returning – this time in New York for a 12 issue Maxi Series. There’s none of her supporting cast – although there is a brief cameo from Marian. It looks as though Robyn is building up her team in NY with a new case of some drug dealers delivering by drone. It’s a nice introduction with a small amount of small talk and a good amount of action for the first issue!
Welcome back!

The penultimate issue and the cover looks grimm!
We’ve got the Kraken – released by Bloody Bones last issue! Meanwhile there are deals to be made in the land of Oz as Sela looks to a way to defeat Bones, Warlord and the rest!
There is a death – it’s an honorable one and there is sadness, but really well done!
There’s a big twist at the end, and that leaves a lot to the series finale next issue!



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