Croak #1 & Mr. Crypt #1 Out Next Week From Alterna

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Published on: August 19, 2016


Alterna Comics have two new series starting next week!

$2.99, 24 pgs, Horror
Digital Comic, Full Color, 17+
(W) Cody Andrew Sousa
(A) Francesco Iaquinta, Chris O’Halloran

Aubrey, Nick, and Tim are three friends on a casual camping trip. Their fun weekend turns awry after being forced to set up camp deep in the woods.  Lost, afraid, and alone, their worst nightmares come to life.

The woods have always been a home of nightmarish horror.  A group of friends will quickly discover this as their deepest darkest fears come to life.

$2.99, 24 pgs, All Ages Horror Humor
Digital Comic, Full Color, All Ages
(W) Troy Vevasis
(A) Aleksandar Jovic

Say hello to Mr. Crypt! Nobody’s favorite suit-wearing mustachioed living skeleton. Down on his luck and feared for no reason at all, can Mr. Crypt and his friendly pet rat make the best of a bad situation?

Mr. Crypt is an all-ages adventure that follows a lonely skeleton. His suit and fake mustache is the only thing that keeps angry villagers from chasing him around town. Joined by a pet rat that he discovers in an abandoned shack, Mr. Crypt does his best to be kind and optimistic in a town that fears and hates him.

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