Previews: I, Holmes & Corktown

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Published on: August 27, 2016


A new series and an issue #2 out from Alterna Comics next week!

$2.99, 24 pgs, Action/Thriller
Digital Comic, Full Color, 15+
(W) Michael Lent
(A) Dan Parsons, Marc Rene

Everyone has a secret. Her secret can get her killed, and she doesn’t even know what it is.

Series Summary:
Fighting to survive in a world of danger and intrigue is nothing new to I Rose, but after discovering that she’s the great granddaughter of world famous detective Sherlock Holmes, I realizes that life is about to become anything but elementary.

$2.99, 24 pgs, Crime/Thriller, Horror
Digital Comic, BW, 17+
(W) Mario Candelaria
(A) Scott Ewen
(L) Zakk Saam

Corktown Part Two! After last issue’s shocking conclusion, many secrets will be revealed when we join Torrie on a look back at the night in which she died. But as she reflects on the past, her reanimated body continues to terrorize Detroit in the present.

Series Summary:
The worst is far from over after a Detroit detective falls victim to a vampire’s bite. With her soul trapped in limbo and her reanimated corpse wreaking havoc, Torrie must find a way to help her partners stop the carnage before more lives are taken. Detroit artist Scott Ewen infuses a stark and eerie noir look, bringing Corktown to vivid life. Writer Mario Candelaria fuses a mix of the paranormal with the procedural as he redefines what it means to be both a vampire AND a ghost.

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