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Published on: August 4, 2016

My thoughts on this weeks 2000 AD


Black Shuck finishes this week and is celebrated on this cover

Dredd’s investigation continues as he looks for serial killer P J Maybe. Maybe looks to have changed his looks more drastically now, and this evidence gives Dredd a hint as to where to look next. Dredd doesn’t get it all his own way though as we get a look at Maybe at the end!

Part 15 of Brink completes the story for now as everything is all wrapped up – Kurtis gives her report and there is some interesting back and forth between her and the officer interviewing her. There is something else going on, but nobody seems to have the answers! The ending is interesting too – it looks as though we will have more Brink in the future!

Black Shuck completes today and this has been an excellent series and read. I like the return of the history lesson at the beginning (and the one at the end) and this story has all been wrapped up nicely! Action, great art and a great read!

Outlier gives us a human perspective of the Hurde problem and why there was a problem to begin with. The caste system with the Hurde is interesting, and I wonder if more of that is going to be an issue? The over confidence of the humans is also interesting and doesn’t bode well if the final panel is anything to go by!

Venusian Ahron vistis his family in Scarlet Traces and it gives us another interesting view of the new immigrants to Britains life. They are living their lives as anyone else would and I especially like the nod towards the “Rivers of Blood” speech! There seems to be something more to Ahron though, and that is interesting!

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