Review: Naomi Indigo #0

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Published on: August 20, 2016

Set in a future world where there is a new type of human – the Credo. They seem to be a new type of civilisation where they act more like machines than people. Saying that, the regular humans aren’t much better with religious dogma all around them as the fight back against the Credo. And in between this is Naomi Indigo! Working both sides of the fence Naomi is working on trying to find out where it all went wrong. 

This is a good introductory issue #0 as we get a good insite into the world(s) featured on both sides. We get a real good look into how both sides lives with some nice atmospheric scenes.

We also get some good introductions – not only to the two sides, but also to many of the spring cast to Naomi’s story. They all have their reasons, as well as their individual thoughts.

The art style is quite unique, with computer generated art with photo poses. It can seem quite jarring at first, but I also imagine they had a lot of fun doing it!

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