Review – Rage #1: Worm of the Earth

Rage #1

Written by
Eric Peyron

Translated By
Eric Peyron

Stéphane Degardin
Alan Quah

Colored by
Stéphane Degardin
Alan Quah

Cover by
Alex Nascimento

Edited by
Eric Peyron

Published by
Eric Peyron

Worm Of The Earth
You already met Rage and the demons plaguing the Arthkan Kingdom in the very first Rage Graphic Novel! Now, meet the integrists! High Priest Gohnar wants to sacrifice a virgin to his Worm God, and Princess Ariane doesn’t quite agree with it. Join your favorite Negative Role Models in a new adventure even more twisted than the previous one, in the first issue of the new Rage Series!

Well, that was a fun read. I never read too much Conan the Barbarian, but I have read a fair amount of Red Sonja. This gave me a feel of this – the characters and the world! Chuck in some gods, demons, priests, kings and warriors and you get Rage!

I really enjoyed this, the story is well told and there is a good mix of action and talk. The talk first – not only does the narrative give us a good introduction to all the main characters (as well as an interesting narration technique), but also to the world that the characters live in. We also get a nice look at the country’s(?) politics! I am most interested by the High Mage, but the other characters are also well rounded and fun!

Now the art. I really like the art – the style, along with the colouring is really special, with some really nice scenes (see above). Along with some good close up scenes, we also get some fun battle panels, with claustrophobic mountain battles as well as some nice scenes with Rage taking on the demon! Then as we get to the second half of the book in the palace we get some different scenes!

Rage is an interesting character, he seems to be more of a blunt instrument at the moment, but he is showing some signs (ahem) of humanity.

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