Review: Zombies Hate Kung Fu

In Zombies Hate Kung Fu we get a unique pairing in this end of the world story. We get the zombies, and it looks like we’re going to get the unique human settlements. In this case there is a settlement of religious humans who live together – which makes the meeting of our two humans more interesting!

  • The Kung Fu choreography is by Leo Au Yeung 
  • Art by David Valasquez 
  • Written by Ricky-Marcel Pitcher

One of our protagonists is a stoner – not very helpful in this situation you might think – but he does seem to have some skills, mostly with plants (of course) and this is very useful in a world where supplies are sparse! He also is able to hotwire cars – another useful talent. One of the problems he does have its his attention to details – like Zombies attacks or highly flammable materials!

The ‘Chinaman’ is his partner – a lot more sensible and tractable. He is a matter of Kung Fu and this is useful as weapons seem to attract the zombies! There are some excellent fight scenes with him showing off his skills – which are captured from a Kung Fu master!

This was a fun read and I look forward to reading the whole graphic novel – go to for more

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