Reviews: Van Helsing Vs Frankenstein & Wonderland

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Published on: August 12, 2016

My thoughts on the end of a series and the beginning of a new one from Zenescope


After dealing with Vampires and more Van Helsing has moved onto bigger things in this new mini-series and the action kicks in right away! Although there is a slow point here it quickly moves on after some hero worship from the two new hunters. Van Helsing seems to be having some trouble with her mortality (compared with Hades). But then there is the hunt – the mothman was a excellent part and it delivers a mad, bad ending which doesn’t bode well!

The final battle against the Ace Of Spades and it’s really well worked – taking in a lot of the characters – Cheshire, The Squire, Callie and Violet against the Red King and Ace Of Spades. The build up is really well worked as there is a lot with Cheshire (who I was worried about) and Squire getting a measure of revenge too! The art of the battle scenes (many!) are really well done and we get a good ending to the story.
Not quite! We get an epilogue too!

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