Fund Me Friday: Bubbles O’Seven in Baboon Taker

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Published on: September 23, 2016


Bounce Comics have a new Kickstarter for Bubbles O’Seven!

Bubbles O’Seven in Baboon Taker

by Grainne McEntee & Matt Rooke


SpIWIT is the lisp-inducing acronym for Species Intelligence Weapons Integrated Taskforce, an elite group of animals enlisted in the resurgence of an abandoned MI7 project; animals possessing certain characteristics wherein said traits are enhanced and loyalty ensured by certain subtle but coercive means.

Needless to say, when men play God, the dog bites back. There were many failures. Given my own numerical designation – 511 – you can imagine how many.

I was one of the few successes, now employed to bring to heel those amongst the Taskforce who have seen fit to take matters into their own hands/paws/hooves.

MI7 have been scanning the London area for the whereabouts of Mr Fluffy. One would think it would be simple enough to locate the whereabouts of a cat endowed with opposable digits. Alas, the feline fraternity is a secretive one. We can, however, rely on the street-strolling gutter hounds to roll over on their furball nemeses when a nice piece of steak is in the offing.

Mr Fluffy has plans. Well-laid out ones I’d wager, and tell-tail-tongue waggers have heard rumblings, yet to be confirmed.

Your timely intervention on my first mission – to locate and capture Dr. O – was paramount to its success. I hope I can rely on you to aid the thwarting of our thumb-wielding rogue before pussy gets too big for his bootys.

Until then, I remain,


Bubbles O’Seven: Simian Agent.

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