Fund Me Friday: To The Death: A Graphic Novel by Simon Furman & Geoff Senior

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Published on: September 16, 2016


A Kickstarter to link with the new digital series!

To The Death: A Graphic Novel by Simon Furman & Geoff Senior

by Simon Furman

 The legendary Transformers team of Furman & Senior reunite for an exclusive print-only Hardcover Graphic Novel prequel of To The Death.

TO THE DEATH is the new creator-owned online digital comic book saga from Simon Furmanand Geoff Senior (co-creators of Dragon’s Claws and Death’s Head, and the writer & artist of numerous Transformers comics). This Kickstarter is to bring to life a print-only prequel in the shape of an exclusive graphic novel.

A combat veteran, returning from off-world wars, is pulled into a battle with the monstrous Tri-Corp that he cannot hope to win.


While To The Death — with its unique full-frame per screen format — was always envisioned as a digital project for the digital age, our core readership still likes something in print and paper, and we aim to deliver that with To The Death: Forged By Fire – a 48-page, full colour hardback (landscape format) graphic novel, showcasing Geoff’s amazing and vibrant art on high quality paper stock.

Digital Rewards
From £3 you can get a digital code for the online series – later tiers features these with print issues!

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