Preview: Aces Weekly Volume 24

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Published on: September 16, 2016

Out September 19th – here’s what subscribers can read!


Aces Weekly, Volume Twenty Four begins on September 19th! Another fantastic 7-week extravaganza of terrific storytelling from magnificent creators includes a new story from the writer of the unforgettable, Santa Claus Versus The Nazis! ( Volume 2, 3, and 6 and 7, if you’re way behind the curve… )! This time, Ben Dickson teams up with the superb, Jeff Anderson, on a voyage into unusual unemployment solutions in Workplace Henchmen…

hench1 hench2

Jok and Santullo are back with the very big, multi-volume, The Big Hit…


Plus, Batton Lash’s, sharp take on the future apocalypse sf scenario, in which only a few individuals appear to keep their heads while all about them are losing theirs, continues in
The First Gentleman Of The Apocalypse….


Dr Q is back, with his odd, fellow fright-fighter, Oddfellow, in tow once more to mangle monster menaces in as many ways as they can muster…


Drell is back once again to pull the wool over some poor idiot’s eyes in the rich and intricate cartoon art of Gary Whitlock, in Drell’s Marauders…


And in the storm-tossed seas of the Caribbean a marooned mariner contemplates his fate in a tale from Marcello Bondi and Sergio Acampora, Pirates….


Plus Samurai warriors from a distant future, or, perhaps, a forgotten past, battle for power in a bleak landscape, in a story from Tzvi Lebetkin and Stefano Cardoselli, Red Ghost…


And we’re grateful to have more from Ryan Taylor’s unique series about a little girl with an unbounded imagination, Grace’s Imaginary Menagerie…


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