Review: 2000 AD Prog 1997

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Published on: September 8, 2016

Thoughts on this weeks edition of 2000 AD


A nice cover going on there!

Judge Dredd continues his hunt for serial killer PJ Maybe in Ladykiller. The chase is getting close and Maybe (and the voice in his head) are trying to get away. I get the impression that we are getting towards the end of this arc!

Scarlet Traces is up next and after the initial shock, we get a lot of explanations in this part, with a lot of details of the who’s and how’s of the invasion of the planet. There is a nice cliffhanger here with betrayal and aliens! I’m getting more into this series!

Jaegir’s story continues in Warchild, with this look underground interspersed nicely with stories of Jaegir’s father! It’s dark and nasty and very well told!

The betrayal in Outlier is dealt with in this prog, and there seems to be something else going on too – with the droids and the planet the Hurde are terraforming. There’s more going on here, and I wonder how this final arc will all end up!

Judge Anderson continues her investigation in The Candidate, there is a lot going on in this prog and there is a lot to learn. The twist is shown well and Anderson seems to be in some trouble by the end of the prog though!

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