Review: I, Holmes #1

Everyone has a secret. Her secret can get her killed, and she doesn’t even know what it is.

Written by Michael Lent
Art by Dan Parsons & Marc Rene


A new series from Alterna Comics and a new look at the Holmes myth. We know this, but our lead character doesn’t and she has her own problems – under age, on probation and also observed by what looks to be a future enemy. We know that I is the descendant of the legend that is Holmes, but the twist is that she doesn’t – right now!. It starts off on Halloween, and I originally wondered about the setting. What we do get is a nice mix of Holmes with a different setting – not a gentleman, but an under 18 that has already been in trouble. Not only is there a mad bomber on the loose, but also a foster home, a probation officer and a supervisor!

It’s a very interesting read and I look forward to reading #2

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