Review: Judge Dredd Megazine #376

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Published on: September 23, 2016

My thoughts on this months issue of Judge Dredd Megazine


Judge Dredd introduces a new character in this new arc – a new area of Mega City One too, which has it’s ownprotector – a Gorilla Judge. Dredd goes in to investigate, but there are other problems too – Our Gorilla Judge has problems of his own and it seems like Dredd is getting in the middle of all this!

Realm of The Damned completes today with a couple of epic battles and an excellent ending to this gory series. The battles go really well with some unexpected twists and turns as Van Helsing makes a final stand!

We get some reasoning behind the jungle fightback in Blunt this month, and it’s an interesting theory, it looks like we may have a reunion, but things also look like they’re going to get a lot worse first!

Lawless completes the arc and promises a return (which I expect is going to be massive) we get a look at the mop-up from the last issue, as well as plans for what lie ahead. Meanwhile it looks as though there are other plans ahead, and they don’t look good!

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