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Published on: September 1, 2016

An ending of one series and a new beginning!


The series finale, and, I think this is fitting here, the end of the story. This triple size issue has it all, battles, betrayals, romance, life and death. It’s a really exciting and heart rending ending to the Grimm Fairy Tales series as we know it! Interspersed within the main story are “flash forwards” as we get a look at a possible future for all those involved. Sacrifices are made, but as with the nature of things, these need to be made in order for the other characters to move forward. Still, it’s the end of an era, now it’s time for the new era!

Just as one story ends, a new one begins. Although this is more like a new story continuing on from a previous one. Robin and Marion have to deal with the Four Horsemen – and the have a plan with Hades, Cindy and Van Helsing. The only problem is Angelica – Hades daughter, who thinks that Cindy is going to betray them all!
Things do not go well and now the team have the end of the world to deal with!

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