Reviews: Nova, Rocket Raccoon & Groot and Han Solo

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Published on: September 3, 2016


My thoughts on some of this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics


This is a kind of bittersweet issue as Sam flies off into space to discover the power source for his Nova helmet. Sam has to say goodbye to his family (who know his secret) and his friends (who suspect his secret!) While in space, he catches up with a contact who may be able to help. There’s a problem though, and this adds to the action in the issue. The ending is interesting, and I wonder if this leads to the return of Richard Rider?

A Civil War II crossover (although it’s hardly connected) with guest star Gwenpool. I haven’t read any Gwenpool, so this was a quick introduction and very funny. Rocket explaining what he has done was fun, as was the reactions of those around him in Alpha Flight was very good too. There’s more to come in this arc!

I’m quite enjoying this Han Solo mini series, the action is really well done and the space races give a good feel of the whole thing. Added to this we get the added suspense of the spies being picked up! The dealings between the racers is really well done and there is some nice bits harking back to the previous issues. I’m looking forward to the next issue after the cliffhanger!

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