Reviews: The Flash and The Hellblazer

Thoughts on two very different DC digital comics


Now we know who Godspeed is, we get the next step – Flash’s initial fight with Godspeed doesn’t go well and at least Flash understands why. There are some nice moments with the other speedsters as Flash works out the hows and whys of Godspeed and the speedforce. There are also some nice bits with Wally West as the two come to an understanding. We finish with speed as Godspeed makes the Red Hood option as to the other villains in Iron Heights and Flash has to stop him. It’s a good read and still enjoyable.

This John Constantine is closer and closer to the Hellblazer we know and love. He’s getting back involved and it looks like he’s visiting old friends. It light on action and magic, but there are some traditional John Constantine points – and then there is the passing of Orbital Comics and the Sting and The Police quote! I liked this issue, it gives us more into the mindset of John and the way he is from others points of view, while john does his thing. The issue ends with John looking for Maps and he may be in more trouble…..

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