Webcomic Spotlight: Theatrics

Rudy is the king of Broadway – the highest paid actor and the one everyone wants to see – he’s living the high life

Then it’s all taken from him in one night, and he knows he can never have it back.

What he does next…is quite theatrical.


From Neil Gibson (Writer), Leonardo Gonzales (Pencils, inks), Jan Wijngaard (Colours) and Jim Campbell (Letters)

After Turncoat, I wasn’t sure as to what to expect, but here we are! This is the story of Rudy, who after prohibition is an actor with it all – looks, talent and the ladies. After a bad night it is all taken away, and this is what happens next. It’s not what you expect, but it’s a gripping story, which is currently updating daily Monday to Friday.

Currently this is the webcomic that I look forward to updating every day. The characters are built up so well, with some excellent scenes. The build up to the fall is excellent, and there are some nice back and forths between the two characters. I don’t want to give anything away – you should be reading it – but the transformation that Rudy goes through is excellent, as we go through the ups and downs of his mental state until we get to the next part of his story.
the build up is slower, but well paced, as it is needed to get to the relevant points, there are some excellent character moments, and they look to be moving on nicely – I love the scenes where there are things to concentrate in the background too – the crowd scenes making the action going on in the foreground secondary!

The art is excellent – there are many action scenes (especially later on) and the scenes in question make up a very special part of the story. Add into this the excellent colouring and lettering, which add to the tone of each scene so well and you get an excellent, well rounded professional comic!

Theatrics is going to be Kickstarted (like Turncoat) and I will be posting details on that when it goes live – but I implore you to get in now and read this webcomic!

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