Reviews: Death Force, Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween 2016 & Robyn Hood: I Love NY

Thoughts on some of this weeks digital comics from Zenescope


We get a better look at Rick’s powers here and also some of the forces who are up against him. It’s a nice penultimate issue, which finishes a bit differently – as the big bad we suspected it dispatched quite quickly – he’s obviously not the big bad for the final issue – that is alluded to at the end of the issue. This was a fast read, with not too many complex issues going on, but I enjoyed it!

Halloween! And story time from Robyn, Avril, Brittany and Liesel. There are some good stories here, each linked to each of the story tellers. Some excellent art and then…. a link to the ongoing Maxi series – Robyn Hood: I Love NY – I didn’t see that coming, and I don’t think it effects the enjoyment of the whole story. A good read for casual readers and some good Halloween fun for longtime readers!

Another team up for Robyn – this time with the part Vampire daughter of Hades. This was what I thought was a another one-shot story building up the maxi-series, but then we get to the ending….
Before that though, there is a Vampire lord to deal with, and although he is built up as being a big problem, he is dispatched pretty quickly – although in a good way.
The ending – the woman in Red finally starts to make her presence felt as there is an upcoming problem for Robyn, and it looks like next issue will be dealing with it!

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