Reviews: Saga & Surgeon X

Saga #39 & Surgeon X #2

My thoughts on two of this weeks digital comics from Image Comics


The fallout from last issue is here, and the team (?) react in the only ways they know, it’s an interesting dynamic between them all, and there are things happening outside that will probably have future repercussions. First there is the attack on the Robot embassy, and the comment at the end is very interesting, as it effects all on the comet. Meanwhile we check in on The Will, who has been rapidly going downhill and it seems that he has hit rock bottom – where he will go know is unknown, but I’m sure it won’t be good! This series continues on so well, never dwelling and just covering old ground – keeping moving forward, for better and for worse!

Things bounce around a lot in this issue, which I think is quite fitting, given the mental state of Rosa’s brother. It’s hard to tell in what time zones parts of the story are being told, but it’s a good fractual read where we learn a lot more about the world and also the family dynamic of all involved. It also moves the story forward well as things are not as they seem!

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