Reviews: Han Solo, Star Wars & Civil War II

Civil War II #7, Han Solo #5 & Star Wars #25

My thoughts on three digital comics out this week from Marvel Comics


Not the end….
This series has been extended by one issue, and we get the final conclusion next month. In the meantime we get Spider-Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel and Iron Man all in Washington. It’s interesting, that while Carol and Tony fight, and Spider-Man is protected, where is Captain America? Will this link into the Hydra/Cap storyline? perhaps he fakes his death to go undercover in his plan to take over Hydra? I don’t know. Anyway, this was a good read, with an interesting POV for the Inhuman Ulysses as he looks into the future. He seems to be in the world of Old Man Logan – if this is the case, then why doesn’t the current Old Man Logan remember him? Questions, questions – Roll on next month!

I really liked the conclusion to this mini-series! We discovered the traitor to the rebellion, and we see the end of the race. In between all that though we get some really nice space scenes and some good character building for Han Solo between the movies. We get an understanding of what he’s all about and what causes some of his changes of heart! The space scenes are really well done, with battleships, smaller ships – and the Falcon – as well as ‘other space structures. This is one of the more enjoyable Star Wars mini-series!

Completing this arc – we’re moving onto a Obi-Wan/Yoda story next issue – there are a lot of hanging threads. One of the rebels get left behind and that will be a story for another arc. In the meantime though, in this issue, we get some really good equal time between all the characters – even Scar Squadron and Darth Vader! The battles between the Empire and Rebels on this dying Star Destroyer were really well done, and I especially liked how Chewie got the power back up and running. Ar-Too was the hero here, although many didn’t realise!
A good, strong arc that continues the mythos between the series!

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