Review: To The Death – Episode 9


I’m catching up, but here’s my thoughts on last weeks issue of To The Death

Last stands and lost causes – it’s game over for one Pacifier

The journal takes a more morose note in this weeks episode – there seems to be some resignation in the tone of Deacon Snow, but this may mean that the plans are all going ahead!

Dryagin’s position looks bad as he is held up by a ‘bot with its guns trained on him! then we quickly bounce back to Earth earlier as a search is being undertaken, we don’t know why though…. Kracken seems to have taken command, and things don’t seem to be going well for him – he thinks he’s in control, but you can it see it troubling the rest of the squad! Then we’ve got a chase on as the events leading up to the beginning of the issue is put into place. There is an excellent sequence of a chase scene as Dryagin and Kracken face off in dune buggies!

It seems that help is at hand, but then in the final panels, there is a new player…..!

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