Reviews: Daredevil & Jessica Jones

Daredevil #14 & Jessica Jones #3

My thoughts on two Marvel digital comics out this week!


Daredevil’s hunt for Muse goes to a whole new level as Muse talks to Blindspot. We get to understand his motivations (some more) and what he’s all about. This was a defining moment for Blindspot too, as he acts like a true hero, and it may have some ramifications for him! This was a well crafted issue and gives us an ending. Muse may come back to haunt Daredevil again in more ways than one though. I like the panel layouts and the parts where DD is using his powers to find Muse – excellent!

So we get some answers, but not really the ones we were thinking of! there ‘s a lot going on here and Spot is used well – he’s an annoying villain and I think he may get what’s coming to him. There’s also a link to Civil War II of all things – one that I didn’t expect, but it looks to be quite interesting! I’m not sure where this is all going to be going, so I’m reserving judgement for a while, but I hope things pick up!

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